Monday, August 15, 2011

If we can help just ONE....

wow, this video really says it all-- as a healthcare provider, this is why I do the work I do-- and why our Safety Net volunteers are so important. if we help ONE person learn their HIV status, it can impact entire communities. thanks for being a Safety Net volunteer. check out this video!


August's Message -- Please Share This!

“You got his email. You got together. You got off. What else did you get? If you’re sexually active you owe it to yourself, and to your partners, to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV. Call HGLHC at 860-278-4163 for more info & to get tested!”

Share this month's Safety Net message with your friends by posting it on Facebook or Twitter, by texting or emailing it to them, and let us know that you did. You'll be entered to win a drawing for a $20 gift card to WalMart!

Post this message for your friends or send it to them directly, ESPECIALLY men who have sex with men. You'll be setting a great example and encouraging them to make a healthy choice. :) Thanks for pitching in to help keep our community safe and vigilant in the fight against HIV!

Email or fill out our survey here to let us know that you shared the message: