Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ONE condoms. We gusta!

So, here at Safety Net, we think hot safe sex can be fun and funny. Why not have a condom ice breaker? We like ONE brand condoms, because they're designed in a round wrapper (makes sense) and have funny, catchy, thoughtful images and slogans on their packaging. You can go to their website and vote on different designs, and part of their profits go to safer-sex-education programs.

My favorite's the "ONE will survive" condom on a disco ball! Or maybe the "hit ONE home." written on the base.

They're also available in different shapes and sizes and have different features. There's classic select (your standard condom), there's the "pleasure dome" which has more room at the tip to enhance sensation and pleasure. Then there's the "sensation" condom which has little "bumps" in the latex along the shaft for a fun new sensation. Check it out! You can submit your own designs too and become the Rembrandt of rubber!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here's a great article on how to talk to partners about your status.

To tell or not to tell? Whether you are HIV Negative, HIV positive, or don't know (PLEASE get tested if you don't!), talking to your partner about HIV status can be difficult. Here, inSPOT has some great tips and talking points, including ways to talk about it on different occasions:


For many people, it's not easy to start the conversation. Some people rely on nonverbal ways to do it. Others assume that no mention of status at all is actually a way of disclosing. But most people say that the best way is to be direct.
There's not one phrase or expression that works in every situation. And, you'll have to decide for yourself what's the least awkward time and place to initiate the conversation - in the bar, in bed, online? Here are a few examples of what some people have said in different situations.
  • Before we jump in bed, I want you to know that I'm negative. Are you positive or negative?
  • Your bio says that you're positive; I'm negative. So, if we fuck we'll have to use condoms. Is that OK with you?
  • Earlier at the club you said that you didn't know anyone that has HIV. So it doesn't get too awkward later, I want you to know that I'm positive.
  • It seemed like bringing up HIV when we were fooling around was going to ruin it. Since we didn't fuck, that was OK. I hope we can get together again and I wanted you to know that I just tested negative and haven't had risky sex with anyone since.
  • It always feels awkward bringing this up, but I see the potential of this
    going somewhere and I want us to be up front and honest with each other about the kinds of sex we've had since the last time we got tested.

The full article is here: it's a great read!

Friday, November 4, 2011

November's Safety Net Message

November’s Safety Net message to share with your friends:

You’ve got passion in your pants and you ain’t afraid to show it…. Get your “Party Rock”s off this weekend…. Show ‘em you’re sexy and you know it… and use a condom! You’re too hot to be out of commission.

Get tested for HIV and STDs at HGLHC. Email for an appointment.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

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