Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Too old to trick or treat this year? Satisfy your sweet tooth @ HGLHC with delicious condoms and sexxxy lubes in delicious candy flavors-- strawberry, banana, vanilla, butterscotch, fresh peach, kiwi, berry-licious, cool mint, and bubblegum blast!

Have a VERY happy Halloween! Safe sex is hot sex, and you can get your fix of the flavors you crave at HGLHC with our free flavored condoms, lubricants, and dental dams.

Unsure about what costume to wear to those fun Halloween events going on this year, like HGLHC's Halloween Bingo @ Marco Polo on Halloween Night (10/31), 6:30 PM, or the RainbowRoom Youth Halloween Dance, the under 21 dance at the Pond House in West Hartford?? Condoms make a great costume accessory-- Mardi Gras Miguel tosses beads, flavored condoms and lubes -- "catch prizes, not STDs!"

Having safer sex (using condoms or other barriers) means you can have more fun, because you don't have to have any worry even a little bit about the risks of HIV and STDs associated with having unprotected sex. Take care of yourselves-- you're worth it!

Speaking of trick or treating, one way you don't want to be tricked is by having a hookup before talking about your HIV status with your partner. HIV is a big deal-- there is no cure, and it can seriously impact your life and your health. Know your status: get tested at HGLHC or at your nearest HIV testing site. And talk to your partners before you have sex about their status. Encourage your partners to get tested if they haven't had a recent test (in the last 6 months, or with any new partners, especially if they had unprotected sex).

--The Safety Net Team


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