Monday, December 21, 2009

Safer Sex is Hot Sex.... bring the movement back!

Our Mid-December SAFETY NET message is:

Safer sex is HOT sex. See why at A message from the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective. Be Well. Be Yourself.

In the 90's, there was a big push for the "safer sex is hot sex" campaign to bring awareness about HIV prevention through the practice of safer sex-- using condoms to during anal (and oral) sex to prevent the body-fluid exchange* that can cause HIV infection.

Let's bring back hot, sexy, horny, amazing, safe, fun, passionate, amazing sex! We can enjoy ourselves and avoid HIV and STDs if we all agree to use condoms each and every time we have sex. Keep yourselves and your partners & loved ones safe. Safer sex is hot sex!

*Did you know.... the main bodily fluids that can transmit HIV are:
  1. Semen (aka cum, jizz, ejaculate, cream, load, wad, etc!) If you have any other fun word suggestions.... add them as a response to this post! ;)

  2. Blood (through sharing needles used for drugs or hormones or other purposes, or also if delicate tissue on/in/around the anus or penis tears or gets cut during sex)

  3. Vaginal fluids (when having sex with a woman, this is the "wetness" or lubrication in and around a woman's vagina)

  4. Breast milk (specifically, when transmitted from mother to child)

You can always get safe, confidential testing at the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective and talk with an HIV counselor, STD nurse or doctor about your sexual health concerns and get tested in a caring, judgment-free environment.

Or, find your nearest HIV testing site by going to:

Be Well. Be Yourself!

Love from your Safety Net friends
at the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective <3


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