Thursday, January 28, 2010

January's Second Safety Net Message

Congratulations to ERNESTO, our Safety Net volunteer winner of the month! He received a $25 gift card to Dunkin Donuts for his participation this month in the Safety Net HIV prevention program. I want to encourage our Safety Net volunteers to fill out the online survey after your participation each month. You, too, could win fabulous gift cards and prizes while helping the community!

If you’d like to become a Safety Net volunteer, text or call me, Jamie, at 860-268-3777 (add me into your contacts as Jamie Bassell if you want) to get started.

If you’re already a volunteer, GREAT! Please go ahead and send out the 2nd message of January:

Use a condom with your partner tonight. It’ll look good on you! ;) From your friends @ Safety Net. More info:

(This can also be abbrvt’d in the following txt form)

use a condom w ur partner 2night. It’ll look gr8 on u! from ur friends @ Safety Net.

Condoms can be sexy, and HGLHC has many colors, flavors, textures, brands, and varieties. Some have lube, studs or ribs for extra pleasure, and others even glow in the dark! Be creative, be sexy, be safe.

All kinds of condoms are available for free at Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective. Stop in for a sampler pack or see what we have to offer. Find the perfect condom for you and your partner.

Make a stylish statement with different styles available.
They're the perfect way to accessorize any outfit... especially a birthday suit. ;)

Express yourself AND protect yourself!

From your friends,
-The Safety Net Team


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