Friday, March 12, 2010

Show YOUR True Colors... wink wink

Hey er'rybodddy!

It's time for the weekend, woohoo! Hopefully you're on your way out to enjoy the True Colors conference, the world's largest LGBTQIA youth conference being held at UConn in Storrs today and tomorrow, and you're psyched for the great workshops, free giveaways, amazing information, really cool brilliant people, fun gay stuff to buy, and FUN FUN FUN events and basically the biggest gayest day for LGBTQIA youth I can think of. Always a good time.

But maybe you've got even gayer activities planned for the weekend, like... um... well, I guess the only thing more queer than the True Colors conference is gay sex itself! (Although I saw this Facebook post about the conference today: "Damn. That's gay. But not as gay as eating a unicorn sandwich at a Liza Minnelli conference while wearing a Mariah Carey t-shirt and twirling a baton dipped in glitter." And yeah, that's possibly gayer than gay sex).

Anyway, if you might be gettin' lucky this weekend, DO get some fun GREEN condoms from HGLHC to celebrate spring and/or St Patrick's Day. And speaking of colorful condoms, I found this really fun, hot sex game from a Johns Hopkins newsletter. Yes, we nerds have sex, too! Here's a hot sex game idea:

"Condoms don't need to have such a negative stigma. In fact, with
the right attitude and the right choices, condoms can be fun and can provide another reason to play games in bed. For example, a friend of mine assigns each "activity" a color, picks a condom randomly and they do whatever the color is -- while using the condom."

Why didn't I think of that?! We just got a new shipment of all kinds of fun rainbow color condoms so you can have ALL varieties of "activities" depending on what color condom you use... brings a whole new meaning to "collect them all!" In fact, I challenge you to go ahead and stop by to pick up an assortment of rainbow rubbers to try this out. Hey, I'll even have 'em right near the front door for you so you can just get in and out and on with it. I meant the condom pick-up, not the condom useage! Oh, your poor deprived partner.

Then come back here and post your most creative safer sex ideas (positions, activities, places, etc!), one for each color of the rainbow. Sounds hot!



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