Monday, July 26, 2010

Safety Net Team Luau @ Tommy's!

Have you ever seen a bear in a grass skirt? Come on down to Tommy's Restaurant on Wednesday, July 28th around suppertime to check out the Hawaiian Luau party brought to you by HGLHC's Safety Net project!

Congratulations to this month's Safety Net team member "T," who won a $25 gift card to CVS for sending out the previous Safety Net message and for completing the quick survey!

Wanna get in on the fun and help keep our community safe from HIV? Be a part of the team! Txt "SAFETY NET" to Jamie at 860-268-3777. We'll send you a quick message once a month that you can forward on to your friends to remind them about HIV testing and bring you news about HIV in CT. Fill out a quick survey once per month and you can win cool prizes and gift cards!

See you at Tommy's!

<3 -- Jamie


Jamie - Safety Net! said...

I've got a pair of coconut bras with your names on 'em! Grass skirts... limbo contest... get "leiid"... it's gonna be great. see y'all there!

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