Thursday, May 19, 2011

May's Safety Net Message

May's Safety Net Message to share with your friends:
Oral sex is safer sex-- oral sex is less risky than anal sex when it comes to HIV. Unprotected anal sex is responsible for almost all HIV transmission between men who have sex with men. If we all agree to use condoms, we could end this epidemic.

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So, what's up with this message?

Many guys say, "Honestly, I couldn’t imagine getting head with a rubber on. The same goes for giving head/oral sex. I mean, a little piece of latex between me and my dessert? Seems like it would defeat the whole purpose, but once again, I know better."

We all do.

As with anything, knowledge and common sense are power. If you choose to go raw when it comes to oral sex you really have to be smart, if not smarter, about it. Ask your partner questions about their last STD and HIV screening and ask to see their paperwork. If they can’t provide an answer or proof then you have to gauge whether or not you can really trust a big butt/cock and a smile. Just because someone looks clean doesn’t mean they are. You can't tell someone is HIV positive or if they have chlamydia simply by looking at them or lusting after them.

We tend to put a lot of trust into the people we share our bodies with, but sometimes it’s undeserved. Even married folks have seen themselves caught out there by a cheating spouse that brought something home with them that may or may not have a cure. Knowledge is power and all I ask is that you all use it because oral sex is still sex and I want you all to be safe.

When it comes to HIV, oral sex is safer sex than anal or vaginal intercourse. But other infections, like herpes, syphilis, and hepatitis B, can be passed by oral sex. Condoms or other barriers can also be used to make oral sex even safer. HGLHC has a variety of flavored condoms for free, and you can also shop online or go to your local erotic novelty store (VIP, etc) for a wide range of flavors, colors, scents, thicknesses, etc.
Do you consider oral sex the “regular” sex? If so, do you always practice safe (oral) sex? Why or why not? Do you feel that dental dams and condoms “ruin” the intimacy of oral sex? After reading today’s discussion do you feel the same way? When do you have a discussion with your lover about their last STD test? Is that before or after you’ve been intimate? Do you find it “awkward” talking about your sexual history and test results when you’re just getting to know someone? When was your last STD test? Do you take one and demand your lover does before getting intimate? Will you change your oral sex habits moving forward?

Talk back, speak up and lemme know what you're thinking about this, because I hear about it a lot and you guys have the best answers and most insightful discussions. or text/call me at (860).(268).three seven seven seven (3777).

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